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Chief Doctor Ilona Volskienė

They say that history is similar to the song: people create words, but the melody is created by the time. The 90 year path of Kretinga hospital was difficult, but worthy.  The times changed, the generations of doctors and patients changed and the hospital changed as well.

Currently the Public Institution Kretinga Hospital is the only hospital in Kretinga region providing round the clock inpatient and outpatient services.

The hospital provides services for the population of 46 thousand people living in the region and it has 126 beds and eight nursing beds. There are following departments in the hospital: out-patient consultation, reception and emergency, general surgery, internal diseases, pediatrics, obstetrics gynecology, anesthesia care unit, radiology, laboratory of clinical diagnostics, general department and the department of house care and other services serving the hospital. Every year for about 5.5 thousand patients is treated and the hospital also gives about 49 thousand outpatient consultations. 58 doctors and 122 nurses are employed there.

With the beginning of the health reform the reorganization of the institution began. The hospital has become modern, complying with all requirements of the secondary level. To compensate the decline of inpatient services we strive to develop day surgery, day hospital, outpatient and short-term treatment services. The nursing section has also been established to meet the patients’ needs.

The building of Kretinga hospital was built in 1958. In 2003 the building was started to be repaired. The roof and windows were changed, an autonomous boiler-house was equipped, a power generator was also built in and all the premises were repaired. Reception and emergency department, internal medicine, gynecology, radiology departments were modernized as well.

The hospital has prepared an investment project to get support from the European Union Structural Funds.

We welcome the update hospital equipment purchased with the help of the founder agreeably to the medical equipment and technology upgrade program.

The future of the hospital is a modern hospital, not afraid of competition, providing high-quality secondary-level services that meet each patient‘s expectations and needs.

The biggest assets of the institution are highly skilled, concentrated and welcoming staff, loving and taking patients seriously, respecting their hospital and its history.

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